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Very slim books (especially children's) and other items (stickers, badges, baboons etc.) are available in combinations of 2-3 for shipment all over Canada for a flat fee of $4.50. Automatically calculated at check-out. If a book is not falling into this offer, no matter how low the cost, its likely too thick to go by Regular Mail [where thickness of item, and not weight, is the main criteria for a package being accepted as "letter-class" mail at the post office]. 

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Due to the extreme increase in cost of shipping small packets outside of North America over the past three years, shipping overseas is no longer available from our web-site. We suggest you look for online bookstores in the United States to order similar products. Otherwise, email us, and we shall provide you with the estimated postage cost for the item you are interested in purchasing.

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A Treasury of Ghazali A Treasury of Ghazali
more details
The First Ones- Stories of the Sahabah (Vol. 2)
Surah al-Fatihah Flashcards
Arabic Learning Game [28 puzzle pieces]
Noorani Qaidah (Arabic-English) color edition
Ahsanul Qawaid (Qaida in English and Arabic)
Fatimah: Daughter of the Prophet
Khadijah: Mother of History's Greatest Nation
All About Wudu [Ablution] Activity Book
Revelation: the Story of Muhammad
1. Salat For Children - Girls Salat For Children - Girls
2. Fortress of the Muslim - Pocket Size Fortress of the Muslim - Pocket Size
3. Juz Amma - Tajweed Arabic Only Juz Amma - Tajweed Arabic Only
4. Mushaf al-Madinah (B&W edition) Mushaf al-Madinah (B&W edition)
5. Prayer Mats (chinese) Prayer Mats (chinese)
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